On this page you will find information on the subsidies and services offered and managed by Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat, the regional government of Catalonia, through the Barcelona Housing Consortium, for people who are struggling to pay either their rent or their mortgage. There is also information on specialist advice and mediation services.

Rent subsidies

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Unable to pay your rent?

If your rent is under €800 per month and you have fallen into arrears or can prove that you are struggling financially.

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Do you need financial help to pay your rent?

If your rent is under €600 and your income, although it is sufficient to pay the rent, is low.

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Are you in rent arrears?

If your rent is under €750 and you have rent arrears due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Have you recently lost your home?

If your rent is under €750, or you are seeking rented accommodation at this price, and you have lost your home in the last 24 months.

Help with mortgage payments, mediation and advice

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Are you having problems meeting your mortgage payments?

Barcelona City Council may be able to offer you financial help to stop you from losing your home.

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Mediation in rented accommodation

Would you like us to help you talk to the owner about your contract? Would you like help negotiating your outstanding debts with more guarantees?

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Advice on mortgage arrears

Would you like us to help you speak to the bank about your mortgage arrears? Would you like us to help you keep your home?

The Emergency Committee and the Energy Poverty Assistance Service

Need information on tackling energy waste?

For people who have difficulty meeting the cost of basic services, Barcelona City Council offers an assistance and support service.

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