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You will find information here on all topics relating to housing in Barcelona

Value as new

The value of an object that is insured as if you were to buy it new. The market value according to the age of the object is known as "real value".

Variable interest rate loan

The interest rate remains fixed for a time, often for between six months and a year, and then it is reviewed according to the variation in the benchmark index, published every month in the official gazette (BOE), which varies according to market oscillations. They usually provide the best conditions, but they vary according to the APR. You never know how much you will be paying during the following period.


Value Added Tax. Taxes the consumption of goods and services. It is paid by the co-operative member who is adjudicated the dwelling.


Confirmation by the Property Registry to determine if the property is free of encumbrances or not.

Vertical property

A building containing more than one dwelling, the property of one or more people –natural or legal– in which an exclusive dwelling has not been adjudicated to each owner.

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