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Owner, person who lets a flat.

Large family

This consists of the father and/or mother, and three or more children under the age of 25, whether or not they are the children of both parents. Other situations that are treated in the same way as large families include families with two children where one of the family members is disabled or is incapacitated for work; or where the father and mother with three or more children are separated or divorced, although they live in different family units, provided that they are economically dependent.

LAU (Llei d'arrendaments urbans)

Urban leasing law.

Legal person

A regime held by organisations with rights and obligations that are similar to those of natural persons –companies, financial institutions, etc.

Legal system of the building

Set of regulations used to govern the building.


The contract whereby a person –landlord, owner, usufructuary– is obliged to give another person –leaseholder, tenant, renter– the use of a property for a specified time in exchange for a specified price: the rent.


A charge affecting an immovable or movable property in favour of a third party.


Characteristic of UCI supermortgages that protects the instalments from variable-interest rates.

Loan with capped interest rate

Variable interest rate mortgage loan where maximum and/or minimum interest rates, to be applied after revision, have been agreed.

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