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New construction

A public deed that declares the existence of a building or the construction of a new one. Recording it in the Property Registry represents the creation of a registered property due to the disappearance of the original property.

New home

A newly constructed dwelling.

Non-development land

Land protected by some kind of special protection regime (landscape, historic, environmental) which means it cannot be built on.

Notary public

A civil servant who is authorised to witness, advise and certify private legal business with their signature. They charge according to the amount of the document and the rates established by the government, and applicants may choose one that operates in the municipality where the mortgaged property is located or in the applicant's fiscal residence. A notary public's costs are considered to be those that are produced for conceding mortgage loan deeds. The tax base for these tariffs is known as 'mortgage responsibility', and a legally established percentage tariff is applied to this base, along with the amount for the flows used and the copies issued, also legally established.

Novation or modification of the loan

Renegotiation of the loan with the financial institution with the aim of lowering the interest rate or changing the benchmark index. This is an agreement to apply a lower interest rate or change the rules for calculating the interest. In addition to improving the interest conditions, an alteration to the amortisation period can be agreed. This solution is the most advantageous, as it involves minimum costs.

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