The City Council has activated all available resources to defend the right to housing of the citizens of Barcelona. In these pages, you will find information about aid, advisory and mediation services, public rental programmes, and other resources that are available to you.

Do you need help paying the rent?

Find out about services available to you if you cannot afford the cost of your rent.

Do you have problems paying your mortgage?

Do you have trouble making your mortgage payments or have accumulated debt? Find out here about the available aid

Do you want to renovate your home?

Discover the subsidies and services that are available to you to renovate your home.

Have you lost your home or are you at risk of losing it?

Learn about the different services and aid available if you have lost your home or are at risk of losing it.

Do you want to rent your home with guarantees?

If you have a flat and want to rent it with guarantees, you have the key! Find out about the advantages of the Barcelona Rented Housing Pool.

Defend your energy rights!

The Barcelona City Council puts in all the energy to make sure your light, water or gas are not cut off.

Do you need mediation or advice?

The City Council and its team of technicians provide rental mediation and mortgage counseling services.

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