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All housing information and services within your reach

Barcelona's network of Housing Offices are places where the general public can go to resolve housing matters. The network has a team of professionals whose aim is to provide information, process, support and advice and mediation for anyone who needs their help. Their catalogue of services shows all their areas of expertise and what they have to offer.

Renovation grants

  • Grants for renovating buildings and/or dwellings
  • Grants for installing lifts
  • Technical advice for renovation and energy-renovation work
  • Certificates of occupancy

Access to public and social housing

  • Information on social-housing promotions: for buying, renting, leasing and housing for special contingencies
  • Registration on the Barcelona Social Housing Applicants Registry
  • Adjudication of social housing

Grants for renting and housing pools

  • Permanent benefits for paying rent
  • Basic Young Persons' Emancipation Income (restricted to existing ones)
  • Benefits for special emergencies: rent / mortgages and evictions
  • Barcelona rental housing pool: Attracting private housing and administration of rental contracts, aimed at people who have difficulty in accessing the private property market

Proper use of housing

  • Information and legal advice on housing matters
  • Housing for social emergencies
  • Ofideute: a service offering advice on mortgage debts
  • Mediation for rentals: relations between the owner and tenant, problems with neighbours, harassment, etc.

Complementary services

Information on other housing services and benefits: Social Inclusion Housing Network

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