Measures to defend the right to decent housing

Grants for the renovation of homes and buildings contribute to defending the right of citizens to decent housing. Find out more about the funding available and find out all the news of this year's campaign.

Improve housing while protecting tenants

Aware of the impact that renovation policies have on the quality of people’s lives, the City of Barcelona has intensified its efforts to promote the renovation of homes and buildings. Therefore, during 2019, the Housing Consortium of Barcelona will offer grants to renovate home interiors and common elements of buildings, as well as to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Various measures have been applied in order to protect tenants. Thus, for the first time, grants for rental flats will be conditioned on the price of the home being adjusted to the reference index of rental prices of the Government of Catalonia, jointly promoted by the Barcelona City Council.

In addition, other conditions of previous calls are still valid, such as the obligation to maintain the same economic conditions before and after the renovation and the extension of rental contracts by a minimum of five years.

Another new development this year is the creation of a specific programme for buildings that, due to their socioeconomic complexity, tend to lie beyond the conditions of ordinary calls. These buildings have been identified thanks to diagnostic work resulting in a map of residential vulnerability for the city. With these buildings, additional programmes are being implemented that include both socio-community interventions and renovation.

During 2018 around 40,000 people and 16,000 homes benefited from housing renovation grants.

If you need more information, go to any Housing Office.

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