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The social impact of building renovation 

Renovation policies make the population’s living conditions better, homes more energy efficient and contribute to raising the available housing stock, among other advantages.

Barcelona’s City Council organized the ‘Renovation Policies in Southern Europe’ session to share information and experiences about these policies and their social impact, in collaboration with the Social Housing Policies Managers Association of Catalonia (GHS), Spanish Association of Public Administrators of Housing and Floor (AVS) and Spain’s School of Registrars.

Some of the main themes that were addressed during the sessions are the City Council’s Renovation challenges, the pitfalls of cooperation between Administrations, examples of innovative renovation plans and the need to promote energy efficiency, among others.

By navigating this website you’ll easily find the materials from the session: videos of the statements and the debates that took place, the participants’ presentations and even brief interviews to the experts that participated in the sessions.



Program Manager at Habitat for Humanity

General Manager for Housing at Barcelona City Council

Special advisor to Welfare Secretary General of Greece

Councilor of the Department of Housing and Local Development of Lisbon

  • Paloma Lombardo

Spanish School of Property Registrars

Director of Fondazione Housing Sociale



Elisabet Cirici, operations manager at the Institut Català del Sòl



  • Besim Nebiu
  • Javier Burón
  • Dimitra Siatitsa
  • Rui Neves Bochmann Franco
  • Paloma Lombardo
  • Giordana Ferri

Expert’s opinion

Barcelona’s bid for renovation

Josep Maria Montaner

Councillor for Housing and Renovation at Barcelona City Council

Building renovation: an institutional challenge

Javier Burón

General Manager for Housing at Barcelona City Council

Europe’s public renovation policies

Sorcha Edwards

Secretary General at Housing Europe


The effects of renovation in neighborhoods

Jordi Mas

Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Housing of Santa Coloma de Gramenet

The impact of the crisis on housing in Greece

Dimitra Siatitsa

Special adviser of the General Secretariat of Welfare of the Government of Greece

Renovation and the public housing stock

Lluís Hosta

President of Social Housing Managers of Catalonia

The characteristics of the Spanish housing stock

Juan Rubio

Director of the Observatorio Ciudad 3R

The Property Registry and the control of the social housing park

Paloma Lombardo

School of Registrars of Spain

Energy efficiency in Eastern Europe

Besim Nebiu

Program Manager at Habitat for Humanity

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