Energy renovation and power generation

We help you to be more energy efficient and generate your own energy with solar power.

Improve energy efficiency to live better

Energy renovation is a strategic sector that must be promoted, since living in a home with good energy conditions has a positive impact on the health of citizens.

The 2019 call for renovation grants supports renovations to improve energy efficiency, such as those reducing energy consumption with exterior insulation of the building or those promoting the generation of solar energy.

Grants will be available for up to 60% of the cost of renovations for solar energy generation (both for individual applications and those submitted by the community of owners), and for up to 50% of the cost for comprehensive energy improvements.

Do you want to know how to apply for an energy renovation grant?

These drop-downs cover the requirements and necessary steps to apply for these grants. The application can be submitted at any Barcelona Housing Office.

Who can apply for the grants?

Renovation of the communal part of buildings

  • The president of a community of owners
  • The administrator of the building
  • The owner of the building
  • Professionals or industrialists in the energy sector

Which buildings can benefit?

Buildings constructed before 1993 in which 70% of the surface of the building is designated as the homeowner’s habitual residence (excluding the ground floor when not intended as living space and any surface below ground level) can benefit from this call.

In the case that the above-mentioned 70% is not reached, proportional grants will be awarded, depending on the area used for the homeowner's habitual residence, unless the homes not used for this purpose (up to 70% of the building’s total housing) shall be allocated to the Barcelona Rented Housing Pool.

For buildings which have empty homes when the application for registration in the present call is submitted, the awarding of the grant will be conditioned by the inclusion of these homes in the Barcelona Rented Housing Pool for a period of five years.

Homes destined for touristic use and buildings of vertical property will not receive grants.

What are the programmes and grants?

  • Generation of renewable energy from thermal solar panels (to produce hot water) or photovoltaic solar panels (to produce electricity): grants of up to 50% of the cost, with a maximum of €3,500 per home or €60,000 per building.
  • Renovations to improve overall energy performance, such as the installation of insulation in the exterior of the building: grants for up to 40% of the cost, with a maximum of €30,000 for buildings of less than 20 homes; €40,000 for buildings between 21 and 40 homes; and €50,000 for buildings with more than 41 homes.
  • Partial actions for energy improvement, such as those on façades, rooftops and terraces, dividing walls and patios: grants for up to 25% of the cost, with a maximum of €30,000 for buildings of less than 20 homes; €40,000 for buildings between 21 and 40 homes; and €50,000 for buildings with more than 41 homes.

How are the grants solicited?

Complete the application form (community agreement is required for buildings, and landlord consent for Rental Housing).
Submitting the documentation:

  • Budget
  • Technical Inspection of the Building (ITE, in its Catalan acronym)
  • Energy certificate
  • Certificate of accessibility
  • Agreement of the community of owners

When is the period to apply for the grants?

This grant is available. The period for submitting applications is opened until 30/06/2019 and the period for subsidy applications is opened until 31/12/2019. The grants can be requested at any Barcelona Housing Office.

The grant application must be presented together with the notice of the start of construction within a maximum period of six months from obtaining the technical report previously issued by the Consortium.

The notice of the end of construction must be submitted within thirty days from the date on which the end of construction is certified, and must be accompanied by the necessary documentation. If the grant application is not submitted together with the notice of the start of construction, it must be submitted with the notice of the end of construction.

More information on energy efficiency and generation can be found at:

Additional information

Given that this benefit is a public subsidy and involves capital income, the beneficiary must present his/her personal income tax declaration (IRPF), which must include the amount received.

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