Details of the aid

Status: NOT AVAILABLE since 02/03/2018
Recipients: 2017 beneficiaries of permanent benefits or aid for rent payment.
Family income limit: From 1.5 to 2.35 times the IRSC*, depending on the group
Administration that grants the aid:
Housing Agency of Catalonia

Preventing social exclusion, an objective of the City Council

Problems with housing are one of the main causes of social exclusion. In order to confront this challenge, the Housing Agency of Catalonia offers the renewal of aid for the payment of rent.

The aid helps guarantee that tenants with economic difficulties can remain in their homes. In this way, the traumatic process of losing a home and the risk of exclusion are prevented.

Beneficiaries of the previous call who reside in Catalonia and hold a rental contract for the home that constitutes their habitual residence are eligible for this aid.

More information about this aid is available on the website of the Housing Agency of Catalonia.

What do you need to know to request this aid?

In these sections, you can find out the eligibility requirements and the steps you must to follow in order to request this aid. The application can be presented at any Housing Office of Barcelona.


Only persons who meet one of the following criteria may apply for an extension of the aid for the payment of rent in 2018:

  • People who were beneficiaries of permanent aid in 2017.
  • People who were beneficiaries of aid for the payment of rent in 2017.

Eligibility requirements

The beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant households must prove their ability to pay the rent with their own income. This condition is considered to be met when the household can prove an annual income that is equal to or greater than the amount necessary to pay the rent.
  • The combined household income cannot exceed:
    • 2.35 times the weighted Adequate Income Indicator of Catalonia (IRSC) updated in the case of recipients under MAH / 1100/2010 Resolution, of April 8 (more information presented in the table).
    • 1.5 times the Adequate Income Indicator of Catalonia (IRSC) updated in the case of recipients under Resolution TES / 1101/2013, of May 15; of Resolution TES / 884/2014, of April 11; of Resolution TES / 667/2015, of April 2; of Resolution GAH / 940/2016, of April 5 and of Resolution GAH / 657/2017, of March 27 (more information presented in the table).
  • Rent payment for the home must be made by bank transfer, direct debit, account deposit, or receipt by the property manager.


  • An application must be submitted in order to obtain an extension of the aid for rent payment.

The following documentation must also be submitted:

  • The identification document (DNI / NIE) of the applicant and all members of the household.
  • Certificate of cohabitation proving that the home is the habitual residence of all the people in the household.
  • Proof of income:
    • Personal income tax declaration (IRPF), corresponding to the last closed fiscal year, for the applicant and all members of the household that are of working age.
    • If there are members of the household who are not required to file an income tax declaration, the imputation certificate from the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) and the working life report or the corresponding certificate of tax exempt pensions or benefits must be submitted. The working life report must be ordered through the Social Security website or by phone 901 502 050.
      • In the case of exceptional situations in which the applicant or a member of the household has had a significant change during the year of the call, in relation to his/her declared income, the household income from that year will be admitted. In these cases, the applicant must provide a responsible statement regarding the cause of the significant change in income in relation to the period that must be accredited for the call and stating the income received during the year of the corresponding call.
  • Rent receipts: all rent receipts corresponding to the year 2018 that have been paid up to the submission date of the application.
  • Express authorisation for the Administration to obtain documentation: applicants can expressly authorise the managing body to electronically obtain the necessary data for monitoring and control of this aid.
  • If there has been a change in the household (number of members, income, home, etc.), the following documentation must be provided:
  • Judgment and / or corresponding regulatory agreement, in the case of persons who have separated or divorced since the date on which the aid was granted.
  • New rental contract confirming payment of the deposit (the contract must include the property registration number of the home).
  • Standardised bank data form, in the name of the applicant, with the bank account data required in order to make the payment, stamped by the financial entity.


Obtaining data electronically:

When the applicant and the members of the household authorise the managing body to obtain the data necessary for the processing and assessment of the application, it is not necessary to submit the following documentation:

  • Certificate of cohabitation that certifies the residence in the home of all people in the household.
  • Identity document (DNI) of the applicant and of all members of the household.
  • Tax (IRPF) declaration of the applicant and of all people of working age in the household.
  • Certificate of payments, in the case of unemployed persons and pensioners.
  • Certificate of the degree of disability, if applicable.
  • Single parent or large family card, if applicable.


The Housing Agency of Catalonia may request, directly or through the entities collaborating in the management of these benefits, additional documentation to complete their knowledge of the application submitted.

Amount and application period

The maximum amount of this aid ranges from €200 per month (€2,400 per year) to €240 per month (€2,880 per year). The minimum amount in both cases is €20 per month (€240 per year).
The call to request this aid is currently closed. The last call was open from 29 January to 2 March 2018.


This aid is incompatible with:

  • Maintenance of the basic income for emancipation (RBE) for the same monthly payments and any other aid or benefit from other public administrations that has the same purpose.
  • Aid of special urgency and other aid from other public bodies or other organisations that is intended for the same purpose and the same monthly payments of the year of the call. If an applicant has the right to collect special emergency aid and the aid regulated in these bases, the sum of both may not exceed 3,000 euros.
  • Implicit aid for people at risk of social exclusion and users of the rented housing pool, owned or managed by the Government of Catalonia, for the monthly payments of the same year.
  • Aid for the payment of rent that is the object of calls of the Housing Consortium of Barcelona or of any other public body.

Additional information

The payment of the aid is subject to the budget availability established in the call and to the knowledge of the Housing Agency of Catalonia that the beneficiary is up to date with rent payment.
Given that this aid is a public subsidy and involves capital income, the beneficiary is obliged to present their personal income tax declaration (IRPF), which must include the amount received.
Payment of the aid will be made through a financial institution.
The aid can be paid directly to the beneficiary or, if it is expressly authorised, to the person who provides a guardianship or mediation service, in favour of which this right may be granted.
More information can be obtained from the website of the Government of Catalonia.

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