The Housing Consortium will award 169 public flats from three developments by public drawing

06/02/2019 - 09:40

Housing. The call is open to participate in a drawing for the flats of three developments located in the neighbourhoods of San Andreu, el Parc de la Llacuna del Poblenou and la Marina del Prat Vermell.

The Housing Consortium of Barcelona has begun the process of awarding by drawing a total of 169 state-protected homes from three developments in the neighbourhoods of Sant Andreu, el Parc de la Llacuna del Poblenou and la Marina del Prat Vermell.

Two of the developments are of the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation of Barcelona (IMHAB), while the third is of Sabadell Real Estate Development S.L.

Of these 169 flats, 41 will be allocated under protected rent, 68 under the cession of surface rights, and the remaining 60 homes will be sold under the general regime.

The call was published on February 4 and is open to people and households that are already registered in the Register of VPO Applicants of Barcelona. The awarding process will take place during the months of February and March.


68 new homes in Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou

One of the IMHAB housing developments being awarded is in the neighbourhood of Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou. Located at Plaza de Dolores Piera 6, and with access also by Plaza d’Isabel Vila 2, the building consists of 68 homes of between 50 and 74 square metres and 2 to 3 bedrooms. The ground floor is for storage rooms and commercial spaces.

The construction of this building began in June 2017 and is expected to be completed at the beginning of next summer. 7.7 million euros have been invested, exclusively financed by the Barcelona City Council.

The flats in this building are awarded under the cession of surface rights and 30% of the homes are reserved for young people.


A unique project in Sant Andreu 

The second IMHAB development is one of the unique projects carried out by the Department of Housing and Renovation in this mandate. In the Sant Andreu neighbourhood, the project has allowed the transformation of one of the Can Fabra warehouses into a residential building, located at Parellada 9.

The warehouse has been converted into a building with 46 houses, 41 of which are under protected rent and reserved for young people under 35 years of age. The other five have been reserved for young musicians. In addition, the building has a space designed to accommodate a castellera organisation.

The Can Fabra flats have between 53 and 60 square metres and two bedrooms. The construction started in June 2017 and a total of 5.9 million euros was invested, financed by the Barcelona City Council.


64 homes in Marina del Prat Vermell 

The third building is located on Sovelles Street, in the neighbourhood of Marina del Prat Vermell, in one of the city’s growth areas, and is a development of Sabadell Real Estate Development S.L. It has 64 flats of 67 square metres and three bedrooms.

4 of the flats are reserved for those affected by a nearby urban action. The remaining 60 flats will be awarding through a drawing process. In this case, the regime will be sale of protected housing under the general regime.


Access to housing through the Register of VPO Applicants of Barcelona 

To participate in this call, it is necessary to be registered in the Register of VPO Applicants of Barcelona, ​​which is the instrument through which the Barcelona Housing Consortium manages the awarding and transmission of the city’s protected housing in an integral way.

Individuals or households that meet the following requirements can register: be of legal age, be registered in the city of Barcelona, ​​be within the maximum income limit to request to rent or purchase a home, and not be the owner of another home, among others.

The drawing for flats with protected rent will be made among all the individuals or households that are already registered in the Register of Applicants that qualify for rented housing and meet the requirements of the call. The lists of people in the Register who are in this situation and who will participate in the drawing have already been published.

For surface right housing and housing for sale, a period has been opened until February 15, so that those individuals or households that are already in the Register can submit a specific request to participate in the corresponding drawing.

The drawing will be made among the people who have submitted the application. The three drawings for the awarding of the flats will be made on March 21. Apart from the specific reserves of each of the calls, they all contain a 25% housing reserve for territory and housing reserves for people with functional diversity.


9 more homes awarded

The Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation has also carried out another drawing to award 9 homes from two different developments.

It consists of seven one-bedroom flats located at Arc de Sant Pau. Of these seven flats, 2 are special contingents, 2 are territorial reserves and the other 3 are general contingents.

The other two flats, also one bedroom, are located in the Doctor Aiguader development.

In these cases, the drawing has already been made and the process is at a more advanced stage, because there is already a list of people to whom the flats will be assigned.


More than 800 newly built apartments 

During the present mandate, the Barcelona City Council will have delivered a total of 834 newly built apartments, and will add 2,600 homes including from new developments, which have come through purchases of buildings and flats, or through the rotation of the housing pool.


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