Flexibility and gender equality in housing are the focus of the latest edition of ‘Qüestions d’habitatge’

26/02/2019 - 20:55

Housing. The publication will be presented by its authors on March 4 at 6pm at the Francesca Bonnemaison Space

Flexibility and gender equality in housing are the central themes of the latest issue of Qüestions d’Habitatge (Housing Issues), a periodical published by the Barcelona City Council ​​through the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation of Barcelona, which focuses on housing related matters.

The latest Qüestions d’Habitatge, issue 22, will be presented next Monday, March 4, at an event taking place at 6pm at the Francesca Bonnemaison Space.

The event will feature Josep Maria Montaner, Councilor for Housing and Rehabilitation; Laura Pérez, Councilor for Feminism and LGTBI; Blanca Valdivia, urban sociologist and member of the Col·lectiu Punt 6; Ethel Baraona, architect and publisher, Co-founder of dpr-barcelona; and Ivet Gasol, architect from Cierto Estudio, authors of an article in the book. The debate will be moderated by Anna Ramos, director of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. We will also count on the presence of the authors of the publication.

The publication begins with a presentation article by the Councillor for Housing and Renovation for the Barcelona City Council, Josep Maria Montaner, in which he introduces the concept of architectural flexibility and its relationship with the struggle for gender equality.

Next, there is an article by the Councillor for Feminism and LGTBI of the Barcelona City Council, Laura Pérez, on gender law and the right to housing.

Below, four articles develop in depth various aspects related to the central theme of this issue.

The authors of the first two articles, researcher Ana Paricio and Doctor of Architecture David H. Falagán, reflect in their texts on the conceptual, functional, formal and metrical implications of these two themes. Specifically, Paricio addresses the term inclusive housing, while Falagán’s article revolves around the concept of flexibility and gender equality in housing.

In addition, housing policy expert Max Gigling, Ph.D. in Social Psychology, writes in his article on the gender perspective in relation to housing access in Spain.

The new Qüestions d’Habitatge issue closes with the presentation of the project “La Comunitat Habitacional” (The Housing Community), blurring the boundaries between public space, collective places and domestic activity. This project by the Cierto Estudio team of architects was the first prize winner in the Illa Glòries project contest.

This new edition of the publication can be viewed on this website as of next Monday, once it has been officially presented at the Francesca Bonnemaison Space event.

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