Agreement reached for vulnerable families to carry on living at Carrer de l’Hospital, 99

15/07/2019 - 14:30

Housing. The owner has pledged to halt the eviction process and the families in question will pay below-market rents.

An agreement has been reached to resolve the pressing situation of seven families facing an eviction process at a building in Carrer de l’Hospital, owed by the investment fund Anticipa. The fund was seeking to empty the building, renovate the flats and rent them out on the open market.

The agreement was reached with the three parties involved: the families affected, the company which owns the building and social entities providing support for the families.

Anticipa, the company which owns the building, has pledged to let the vulnerable families stay on with affordable rents and to progressively renovate the flats in the building without the families having to leave at any point.

Seven-year rent contracts

The rent contracts for vulnerable families will be for seven years, with an affordable price in line with their income, to be complemented up to roughly 700 euros a month. The commitment by all parties means that two thirds of the building will continue to have affordable rents and be used by local residents.

The City Council will also be offering the families access to benefit programmes to help pay their rent, depending on their situation.


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