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The future of the right to housing, debated

The Barcelona Housing and Renovation Forum (FHAR) is an initiative of the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) of the Barcelona City Council, organised with the aim of bringing together professionals from the sector, both public and private, to discuss, develop and evaluate the future of housing rights in the city.

It was held between March 19 and 21, 2019 at the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MABCA) and saw the participation of more than forty experts from administrations from throughout the State and internationally, as well as private sector professionals from around the world who are linked to social and academic movements. For three days, they all put forth their ideas and proposals for facing future challenges and providing solutions to the current situation.

The FHAR programme was organised around five main themes: planning of housing policies; creating and rethinking affordable housing, responding to the emergency, co-producing with other agents, and regulating the market.

The FHAR is the first Housing and Renovation Forum in Barcelona and is part of a series of conferences that the IMHAB has been promoting since 2016 to reflect on the future challenges of the sector.

Opening 19.03.2019

Global challenges and local solutions into the right to housing


Raquel Rolnik, lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo

Josep Maria Montaner, councillor for Housing and Renovation, Barcelona City Council.


Cristina Fallarás, journalist and writer


Morning 20.03.2019

Measure to plan. Generation of indicators and presentation of the state of affairs 


Carme Trilla, president of the Barcelona Metropolitan Housing Observatory

Mario Yoldi, director of Planning and Operative Processes in Housing of the Basque regional government. 


Beatriz Toribio, Director of Studies of Fotocasa


The role of administrations in the crisis of access to housing in cities


Javier Martin Ramiro, Director-General of Architecture, Housing and Land at the Spanish Ministry of Public Works

Judith Gifreu, director of the Catalan Housing Agency 

Javier Burón, manager of Housing and Renovation, Barcelona City Council. 


Irene Peiró, journalist

Evening 20.03.2019

Presentations of the BCN-NYC Challenge finalists 

Presentation of the three finalist projects:

  • Elastic Living
  • Everyday life Housing Networks



Anna Majó, director of Digital Innovation, Barcelona City Council 

Eduard Cabré, coordinator of International Relations from the Barcelona Housing and Renovation Department



Intergenerational Housing. Approaches to different vital needs


Gaspar Mayor, manager of the Municipal Housing Trust of Alicante

Zaida Muxí, architect and author of the book ‘Women, Houses and Cities’ 

Ana Fernández, architect at Cohousing Lab.

Moderator: Laia Grau, architect and urbanist



Work in progress. Presentation of six new-build projects and public housing renovation projects in Barcelona

Presented by their architects 



Joan Carles Melero, director of Tecnical Services at the IMHAB

Morning 21.03.2019

Responses to the emergency: prevent, halt, house


Judith Cobacho, from SIPHO and Associació Vincle

Lucía Delgado, PAH Barcelona spokesperson

Fernando Díaz, representing Càritas


Maria Assumpció Vilà, Ombudsman service of Barcelona


Co-production with private sector:  mixed capital agents 


Ricard Fernández, manager of Social Rights at Barcelona City Council 

Gerald Koessl, Austrian Federation of Limited Profit Housing Associations. 


Anna Gener, president of Aguirre Newman


Community Co-production: cooperatives in transfer of use and Community Land Trusts


Joaquin de Santos, manager of the European project Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC) in the Community Land Trust Bruxelles (CLTB)

Maria Antònia Garcías Roig, manager of the Institute of Housing of the Balearic Islands (IBAVI)

Vanesa Valiño,Head of the Councillor’s Office for Housing and Renovation, Barcelona City Council


Mara Ferreri,  post-doctoral researcher at the IGOP (UAB)

Evening 21.03.2019

Fight against gentrification


David Bravo, architect and consultant at Barcelona City Council

Rui Neves Bochmann Franco, councillor for Housing and Local Development from Lisbon City Council


Núria Benach, Professor of Geography at the UB and a member of Espais Crítics


Collaboration and control to guarantee correct use of housing

The census of empty houses, by Fuentsanta Alcalá, director of Housing Discipline of the IMHAB

Santa Coloma de Gramenet case study, by Joan Manel González, municipal architect in Santa Coloma de Gramenet

The renovation aid and the Barcelona Observatory for Architectural Restoration, by Núria Pedrals, architect


Josep Casas, architect and co-director of the post-graduate programme in Housing Policies (COAC)


Generating affordable rental housing


Bojan Schnabl, member of the Housing Research Unit of the Vienna City Council

Reiner Wild, executive director of Mieterverein Berlin

Jaime Palomera, spokesperson of the Barcelona Tenants Union

Elga Molina, PhD in law and a senior lecturer in Civil Law at the URV


Cristina Fallarás, journalist and writer

Expert’s opinion

The global challenges of the right to housing

Raquel Rolnik

professora de la facultat d’arquitectura i urbanisme de la Universitat de São Paulo


The planning of housing policies

Mario Yoldi

director de Planificació i Processos Operatius d’Habitatge del govern basc. 

The role of the administration in the management of housing

Javier Martin Ramiro

director general d’Arquitectura, Habitatge i Sòl del Ministeri de Foment


Intergenerational and gender vision in housing

Zaida Muxí

arquitecta i autora del llibre ‘Mujeres, Casas y Ciudades’


The creation of non-profit housing

Gerald Koessl

representant de l’Austrian Federation of Limited Profit Housing Associations 


The Community Land Trust

Joaquin de Santos

responsable del projecte europeu Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC) al Community Land Trust Bruxelles (CLTB)


The co-production of housing in the Balearic Islands

Maria Antònia Garcías Roig

gerent de l’Institut Balear de l’Habitatge (IBAVI)


The municipal management of housing in Vienna

Bojan Schnabl

membre de la unitat de recerca en Habitatge de l’Ajuntament de Viena


The communities of tenants in Berlin

Reiner Wild

director executiu del Mieterverein Berlin

The citizen involvement in the right to housing

Cristina Fallarás

periodista i escriptora

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