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Technical Building Inspection Report

The Technical Building Inspection Report (IITE) is intended to assess the state of conservation of your home and any potential defects. This Report describes the building characteristics and includes proposals to improve its energy efficiency and accessibility conditions.

Grant for producing the Technical Inspection Report 

Renovation is one of the key tools for tackling social inequalities. Poorly maintained buildings can damage the health of residents and damage their homes. This leads to a deterioration in public space and has a negative impact on the quality of life of the community.

For this reason, the Barcelona Housing Consortium offers renovation grants. These grants are for renovating the interior of the home, improving habitability and accessibility to ensure a healthy, efficient home.

One of the complementary types of aid granted within the framework of this campaign is the subsidy for drafting the Technical Building Inspection Report (IITE):

  • Grant for the Technical Inspection Report (85% subsidy - up to 10.000 euros)
  • Grant for the Technical Inspection Report in the case of social files awarded with a grant (100% subsidy according to criteria established by the 2015 call for renovation grants)
  • Grant for the Technical Inspection Report in the case of buildings over 100 years old (80% subsidy according to criteria established by the 2015 call for renovation grants)

This aid is only granted in cases related to renovation.

Want to know what the Technical Inspection Report (IITE) is and what it's for?

In these dropdown menus you will find out what this report is for and which buildings in Barcelona can request one. You can get more information at the Barcelona Housing Offices.

What is the Technical Building Inspection Report?

The technical inspection report for residential buildings (IITE) describes the general features of the building. This document offers an assessment of the state of repair of the building and any apparent defects, be they construction or functional defects. It also offers technical proposals for improving the sustainability, eco-efficiency, functionality and accessibility of the building.

This report needs to be submitted along with the energy and accessibility certificates for the building, to comply with Law 8/2013 on state-approved renovation, and the new decree 67/2015 to foster the duty to conserve, maintain and renovate residential buildings.

Which buildings are eligible to apply?

The buildings eligible to apply for the technical inspection report grant are listed below:


Buildings for which the renovation grant has been requested

For applications awaiting a decision and any new applications submitted, 100% of the cost of producing the technical report and acquiring the accessibility and energy efficiency certificates will be covered.


Buildings for which the renovation grant has not been requested

80% of the cost of producing the report will be covered. This is calculated based on the number of housing units in the building applying for the grant, for buildings that meet the following conditions.

  • Residential buildings that are more than 100 years old, included in any of the areas covered by calls for renovation grant applications before 2015, as a Comprehensive Renovation Area or Extraordinary Comprehensive Renovation Area.
  • Residential buildings which, in the last ten years, have applied for renovation grants and have not carried out the Technical Inspection Report.
  • Residential buildings in housing complexes built between 1950 and 1970.

What are the alternatives to the grant?

Buildings that do not apply for a renovation grant together with the technical report can find a qualified professional (architect, surveyor, technical architect or building engineer) or can ask for a qualified professional to carry out the report, contacting the corresponding professional body.

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