Energy saving and generation renovations

We will help you to be more energy efficient and to generate your own power using solar energy.

Improving energy efficiency for a better life

Energy-saving renovation is a strategic sector that must be promoted, because living in a home with good energy conditions has a positive effect on people's health.

The 2017 grants campaign promotes actions to foster energy efficiency, such as reducing energy consumption through exterior insulation of the building and promoting the use of solar energy.

In order to foster the generation of solar energy, subsidies of up to 60% of the total cost of the work are available (for both individual and owner-community applications) and a 50% subsidy for overall energy-improvement actions.

Furthermore, 100% of the cost of the energy audit will be financed, provided that any of the actions considered in the audit are then carried out. 100% financing of the cost of the technical project or report will also be provided for measures concerning energy generation and reducing energy consumption, provided that the installation is carried out.

Want to know how to apply for energy-saving renovation grants?

In these dropdown menus you will find all the general requirements and relevant specifications. Also, the various application and processing procedures. You need to submit the application at one the Barcelona Housing Offices by 31 December 2017.

Who can apply for these grants?

Renovation of the communal part of buildings

  • The president of the community of owners
  • The administrator or the owner of the building
  • The owner of the building
  • Professionals or manufacturers from the energy sector


Renovation of home interiors

  • The owner of the property
  • The tenant, with the owner's permission

What buildings and homes can benefit from these grants?

The grants are aimed at housing used as permanent habitual residences and at apartment buildings where 70% of the building's surface area - excluding the ground floor - is used as habitual residences.

  • If the above-mentioned percentage is not reached, only flats used as habitual, permanent residences will qualify for subsidies, and they can apply for the proportional part of the subsidy according to surface area.


If the homes are empty, the grants will only be awarded where the owner makes a commitment to include the property in the Barcelona Rented Housing Pool once it has been renovated.

What programmes and subsidies are available?

Building exteriors

  • Generation of renewable energy using thermal solar or photovoltaic panels
    • 60% subsidy up to a maximum of €60,000
    • A maintenance contract with a minimum duration of 4 years must be accredited
    • 100% subsidy of the project's technical cost and/or technical report, up to a maximum of €5,000


  • Centralising installations and replacing supply services with other more efficient ones, provided that a centralised boiler with thermal solar energy support is included
    • 60% subsidy up to a maximum of €60,000
    • A maintenance contract with a minimum duration of 4 years must be accredited
    • 100% subsidy of the project's technical cost and/or technical report, up to a maximum of €5,000


  • Renovation measures that involve general energy-improvement work
    • Installing insulation for the entire building envelope
    • Maximum subsidy of 50%, up to a maximum of €60,000
    • 100% subsidy for carrying out the energy audit, provided one of the actions included in the audit is carried out


  • Partial energy-saving renovation measures
    • Work on façades, roofs and terraces, dividing walls and interior courtyards
    • Maximum subsidy of 35%, up to a maximum of €30,000


Home interiors

  • Changing doors and windows (window panes, balcony doors, front doors, etc.) in order to improve interior insulation, reduce the energy demand in flats and ensure acoustic comfort
  • Inclusion of solar protection in doors and windows
  • Grants for renovating home interiors are aimed at households with a total income that does not exceed €25,000 a year

How to apply for a grant

Fill in the application form (you must have the agreement of the building's community of owners or the owner of the rented accommodation).

Provide the following documents:

  • Estimate
  • ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings certificate)
  • Energy certificate
  • Accessibility certificate
  • Agreement from the building's community of owners


You can apply for grants at Barcelona Housing Offices until 31 December 2017. Book an appointment on the Housing website.

Within a maximum period of one month, the Consortium will arrange a visit and produce a technical report, which will set out the conditions for obtaining a subsidy and the maximum amounts that may be received.

In the case of a favourable report, you need to submit the grant application form and the starting date for the work, which has to begin within a maximum period of 6 months.

More information on energy efficiency and generation at: 

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